Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sandbox Wonders 10

81. Sand Falls - A plateau in a desert with dunes on and around it.  Every third day sand falls from above.  The sand is so pure and fine it's said a person with cursed weapons or armor can remove them while standing under the fall.
82. The Roots - Acres of twisted roots with no soil.  Very difficult to travel through.  These roots consume soil around them and cuttings are feared by farmers and desired by sappers.
83. Dark Water - Somewhere in the ocean a patch of dark water exists.  It is oily and stinks like-rotting fruit.  Bathe in it and animals will ignore you for a day.
84. God's Breath - These rocky flats are blasted by a continuous downward wind.  So loud that speech is impossible.  It is said someone cannot be scryed for as long as God breathes on them.
85. The Shells - Deep in a desert a vast area of pinkish dunes.  These are actually made up of millions of tiny shells.  Placing the shells in water causes them to revivify as tiny molluscs and crustaceans that are voracious and consume any meat nearby.


  1. These posts are really great. You could use the complete list as a rumours table (for overhearing things in a tavern).
    "Did you hear? Old Badsey fell in dark water, he did. Had to walk home by foot 'cause his horse didn't recognize him!"

  2. Thanks, that would be cool. Maybe treasure maps or quest locations too.

  3. Oh, and the "Sand Falls" (my favourite in this batch) got me thinking about blood rain: