Tuesday, May 22, 2012

West Coast Bloggers

I mentioned I might make a list based on your feedback here, so here it is:


General WA





SF & Bay Area



Long Beach

General SoCal

Feel free to send me a correction or new blogs.

Update: Added a bunch of links I forgot due to general derpiness.

Update 2: Added more and moved some folks to more specific spots, hope you all can get together some time.


  1. LA is also home to the Loviatar zine - Also, Kevin is in LA at The Temple of Demogorgon. Also, Zak is back in LA, I think.

  2. Ah, crap, I mentioned you and Kevin in the body of the last post and then only listed the links from the comments, sorry, dude.

    Also, sorry to Zak, I completely forgot again. I guess I assume everyone knows your blog or maybe I think of you as more bi-coastal, blogging from Toronto and New York at times.

  3. Ha, First Level Mage is actually Richmond, in the East Bay, I was vague with "Bay Area" in my initial comment.

  4. Acch, I'm obviously not well suited to this kind of work, sorry, that was just a copy/paste error.

  5. I'm pretty sure Planet Algol is still based out of Vancouver.

  6. My fault for not specifying in the previous post.
    The Delvers would fall under LA.

    Thanks for the list. =]

  7. I'm in Long Beach, so you could move me from "general SoCal" to Long Beach if you want.

    Also, is anyone else in Long Beach interested in seeing about gaming together?

    And, Telecanter, thanks for doing this. This may very well result in more gaming/friendships for us.

  8. My brother and sister gamers of the Seattle area, we must inspire one more person to start blogging! Then we'll have more than LA.

  9. I'd totally be interested in another gameday like the one Cyclopeatron Bob set up at the Old Ship in Santa Ana. We could pick a place closer to LB.

  10. I've been meaning to comment on that first West Coast Bloggers post for the past week and a half (and post in general), but work got crazy and I forgot. I'm in Berkeley, and also Could I be added to the list? Thanks for putting this together!

  11. Thanks for the additions, and my pleasure.

    @Christopher: Hope so, Constantcon is fun but I got a real kick out of putting names to faces at a meet up.

    I'm sure there are better venues for this but I might save this post as a page, the idea being people you find reading this blog that live close to you will hopefully be interested in a similar type of game.

  12. I've never been a super-prolific poster, but I'm still chugging along. Seattle.

  13. You've been added to the Hootenanny good sir.

  14. Thanks for putting this together, it is pretty cool to see how we spread out over the coast.

  15. We don't blog all that much, but Red Box Vancouver has a blog:

    And hey! We've got a new post up about Johnstone's awesome free pdf (and less free book) of mutations:

  16. Another rarely updated Seattle blogger that apparently can't be in JB/blackrazor's game on the same night as Will.

    And while he doesn't have a blog, Scalydemon on dragonsfoot is in the greater Seattle area (cough) and is putting out a zine:
    AFS Magazine

  17. Keith Davies -- In My Campaign (
    Echelon d20 (

    (both mine) are on Vancouver Island, off the coast of BC.

  18. I added these all to the static page. Thanks, folks.