Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Pack of PocketMods

Ok another idea: what if you made a master sheet to hold, not business-size cards, but pocketmods themselves?
Now, the whole point of the pocketmod is its convenient size so it makes no sense to then go and put them on a normal size piece of paper . . . unless sub-organization that doesn't require flipping through pages to utilize is somehow helpful.  In the pic I imagined having a different set of wandering monsters for night, day, and rainy weather.  Yeah, you could probably still have separate pages for those things, but it was fun and maybe you can think of an even better use.


  1. That, my good sir, is what my daughter refers to as "Smexy!"


  2. Wandering monsters - four levels per master sheet, using your Wandering Monster PMs folded open so the master sheet keeps it open to the proper page.

    Situations with multiple NPCS - eight potential NPCs per PM, one page each allows lots of information and space to track status/wounds/HP if necessary. Or hirelings for a party, eight hirelings per PM. Or pre-generated rival NPC parties.

    City maps - each PM on the master sheet represents one City Quarter, with eight sub-sections in each Quarter.

    Track four different factions or NPCs with eight different levels or states - "hates the Red Hand Society" or "Weakened" or "Neutral" or "Scheming".

    Four PCs - eight illustrations each to visually track levels of damage in combat ("Good", "Scratched", "Wounded", "Hurt", "Severely Hurt", "Critical", "Dying", "Dead" or some such). Or four vehicles or starships or whatever with visual damage. Show a flight of fighters with fewer silhouettes as each gets shot down. Or track with silhouettes a big swarm of 1 hit point spiders or rats or bats or killer bees or whatever.

    For that matter, track visually four resources for a PC or party - flasks of oil, arrows, food, water, iron spikes, throwing stars, whatever. Or each PM is a different category (armor, weapon, helmet, shield) and track who's carrying what visually like in a computer RPG. (Alter the layout to a cross - helmet at top, right hand/left hand, armor at bottom)

  3. Thanks a bunch. Great ideas, Pere. The one that strikes me as most immediately interesting is NPCs (maybe in organizations). I may see what I can do with that idea in the next few days.