Monday, January 3, 2011

Tomb Entrances cont.

I liked those entrances so much I went back and looked more closely at the source book.  Here's another entrance, flanked by lions:
Apparently, one of those entrances was an imagined reconstruction based on sculpture fragments, the other two (including today's) I couldn't find online.  But the third is a Temple to Mita in Midas Şehri.  More info here.  Here's a current pic:
and one with a person for scale, it's 17 meters high:


  1. The first one in the first post seems to be the one depicted here, - another Phrygian tomb located at Bakshish.

    You might also like these from Caria, and

  2. The first one in this post (with the lions) appears to be a Phyrgian tomb at Arslan Tash in Afyonkarahisar. (see In fact, it appears from the pictures on the side of this website ( that both of these tombs in today's post may be in the same area.

  3. I just realized that the last site address in my last post did not work. Here it is in the original Turkish (?)