Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fairy Monsters III

I think I'm failing to make these light and airy, some of the previous were kind of creepy, but hey, I'm trying.  Here's a few more iconic D&D monsters in Fairy versions:

Owl Badger
More owl than badger this stocky creature swoops in silently to attack.  Why would a magic-user wish to combine an owl with a badger?  Who knows,  to allow for burrowing on steep hills?

Umber Nymphs
These are nymphs in the sense of immature insects.  Hundreds of tiny green things weaving a circular pattern on logs, or rocks in the forest, a pattern so entrancing . . .

Looks like a fairy the way a dried leaf looks like a leaf.  Hard, prickly, these fae continue to live when by all rights they appear they should be dead.


With the last one I was trying for what a fairy lich might be, but it doesn't feel right.  Traditionally, fairies weren't supposed to have souls anyway, right?  So a fairy isn't any more alive than a leaf in the first place.  Ah, well.


  1. Like the corse a lot. It could be very, very old rather than undead - think ancient oak old and forgetful only when it suits.

  2. Fun series - My favorite has been the striped fae.

  3. Hey, thanks. Yeah, very old could work. And I like the striped fae too, would be cool to see animated.

  4. Fairies don't have souls traditionally? I was going to have Vorelsini as a form of fairy in [my world](, but I don't want people getting confused by that big a difference.