Friday, September 10, 2010

Player Perks - Hard Core

My post yesterday was apparently a little too cuddly.  So, lest I lose my cred, here are some more hard core perks.  These aren't Metal, these are what Metal fears!

Obsidian Blade - By cutting yourself with this razor-sharp rock you can heal someone as many points as you decide to bleed out.  You will recover your hit points normally.  You can bleed yourself as often as your health allows.  Force your enemies to use it!

Thrall's Torc - You have a copper torc permanently encircling your neck.  In combat you are much harder to hurt (+3 to AC), but the torc constricts each round you're engaged in violent activity.  Half your constitution is the number of rounds you can fight before passing out completely.  Kill faster!

Widow Tattoo - When you die, your tattoo will bring you back to life by drawing hit points from surrounding friends.  It will drain as many as needed to bring you to full health.  This happens once, then the tattoo disappears.  These hit points are lost by those drained permanently. Surround yourself with tough guys!

Scapegoat - You own a goat.  If you strangle and disembowel it, its entrails will reveal to you the answer to a single Yes/No question.  The goat will slowly heal, returning to life in a day.  How badly do you want to know the answer?

Iron Hammer - You own a hammer that will give you a bonus to hit equal to the penalty you take to your armor class.  Want to hit your foe, let him hit you.


  1. I like the Iron Hammer a lot. That's one badass weapon.

  2. I like that Obsidian Blade - I'm gonna incorporate it somehow.

  3. Neat posts, I love all the ideas you throw out. Can I give out an idea? How about a mace (one that looks like Sauron's badass one from the start of the first LotR movie) that, once you've rolled for damage, lets you take that damage on yourself, and deal twice that damage to a foe. Additionally, every time you kill with it, you gain 1 hp. Call it a Soul-Eater, and give the PC (horrible) visions from the victim's mind.

  4. Laaaaate reply, but thanks. I'm not sure how to make the horrible visions have an in-game effect and those hit points would add up quickly. I do like the idea of offering players choices and taking damage for granting it has it's own balance built in. Probably more useful for higher level characters though.