Friday, April 16, 2010

Weird Treasure Containers

I'm always trying to look a lists of stuff to abstract out categories in order to make a chart. That usually entails pondering over the outliers; how do you get categories broad enough that they might include them. Anyway, I thought maybe I should go at it from the other end-- think of the weirdest outliers I could think of and just make a chart of them.

So, to celebrate my newly acquired pair
of d30s here is a chart of Weird Treasure Containers for you all. Some are more circumstances or conditions than containers, but, hey, they're weird (there are 40 in case you like some more than others).

The treasure is found:

1. submersed in a barrel of brine
2. in a dimensional pocket visibile from only one direction
3. as parcels, each piece, including coins, individually wrapped in silk
4. sewn inside a limbless, headless, mummified torso
5. suspended in the air from long bamboo poles, each individual piece on a seperate pole
6. completely encased by an insect hive
7. in a tapered coffer carved from a giant tusk
8. completely encased in mineral deposits
9. completely encased in amber
10. in a Japanese style puzzle box
11. enclosed in a bag woven from hair
12. inside the hollow brass figure of a common animal
13. inside a carved, giant nut
14. completely encased in tar
15. in a bag sewn from the whole hide of a humanoid
16. inside a living shellfish
17. fashioned into a moving automaton
18. arranged on the floor as a treasure map
19. arranged on the floor encoding a rare spell
20. in a coffer fashioned from platemail welded together by lightning
21. bricked up in a small shrine
22. sealed inside clay spheres
23. fashioned into windchimes
24. rolled up in a musty carpet
25. stacked precariously around a deep hole
26. sealed in sheets of crimped lead
27. arrayed on the petrified statues of the original owners
28. sealed in a clear glass sphere
29. in a cage constructed of bones
30. hidden in wooden dolls arranged in dioramas
31. in a continuously writhing clump of worms
32. levitating
33. strapped to the backs of several monkeys trained to evade
34. in a coffer carved from a giant oak burl
35. wrapped in a parcel of fresh, green leaves that sting and numb bare flesh
36. encased in a cube of wax
37. in the chitinous husk of a giant insect
38. floating on crystal rafts in a pool of acid
39. bound together in a clump with platinum wire
40. just tossed into a fire


  1. This is quite entertaining and useful. I think I'll borrow this chart for the B1 dungeon I'm running now. If interesting play results, I'll come back and post about it. Thank you for publishing it.

  2. Very cool! My favourite was the trained monkeys. I've put a copy of this chart on my tables website ( using the Creative Commons license you posted. Hope that's OK.

  3. Just seeing this anarchist, sweet, share away.