Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Alabaster Tower II

Work is busy and I'm gearing up for a big conference next week, but I have been working on a "fatter" version of the tower location I shared with you earlier.

What I mean be "fatter" might be interesting to you because it isn't what some people call "fluff," campaign backgrounds and NPC stories, etc. At least I don't think it is. I'm trying to think of what you might need as a fellow DM and what you would rather do on your own, so labor intensive stuff etc.

The Tower of Science is magical so, it stands to reason you might want it to appear as a set of rooms in your megadungeon. To that end I made a map, still need to revise the key-- the puzzles have to interact a little differently because of the new layout. I also need to put some columns and stuff in the huge central chamber. Any way release early and often:


  1. I've been meaning to leave you feedback about this project but so short of time lately. I like this minidungeon-layout map version, it's somehow immediately more attractive to me than the tower with its floating detached rooms (well, it is a tower after all).

  2. Thanks for the feedback. I feel you on being busy. Yeah, the tower doesn't allow for any real player choice, which bothers me, but . . . I love the idea of towers.

    I have an idea for a tower that has a big dungeon in it offering choices (because of magical dimensionality) but at that point the tower is just a cosmetic wrapper for a normal dungeon the way a mountain wraps a normal one, right?