Thursday, June 4, 2009

Great Minds Think Alike

I was reading The Dungeon Alphabet in Knockspell magazine the other day and was shocked to see mention of a giant, blind, albino crayfish. Why shocked? Because that's one of the big baddies in my One Page Dungeon! But I hadn't read Knockspell until after I wrote that (I promise). Now that Michael Curtis is getting that same piece published, I think that means its ideas are good representations of Old School dungeon trappings, and guess it also means I know my Old School tropes, haha. Or maybe those damn crawdads really are pestiferous-- you can't enter a cave without tripping over the things :)

The other semi coincedence, I've been writing up some low power monsters for Swords and Wizardry. Well, Nellisir posted one very similar to one I had in mind. His Squeaker is a small, troublesome, furry creature as is my Cave Tarsier. But Mine doesn't have any powers, so I'll go ahead and post it next.

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